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a penny for your thoughts

This was an enjoyable read! I like how timely the book is as well, based on the recent stories of genetically-modified mosquitoes being released in Florida by Oxitec! Almost like Ralph Hindle knew this was coming… The science in the book is wonderfully accurate, but not overbearing. My mother who is not as nerdy as me gave it also gave it two thumbs up.

Fonebone (via amazon)

“This book is ripe for a screenplay!”

Ed Stevenson, ontario

Had me on the edge of my seat, and perfect ending! 

Denise IrvinE, Kingston

Will Kylie get over her aversion to genetic modifications to make it into the sequel?

Start writing. I want more!

Kathy Hunt, Calgary

As Ralph’s neighbour, we are deciding if we should install security gates at our driveway or just put up the “For Sale” sign!

Vicki Hertz, Calgary

Holy shit! I hope I don’t die!

Stuart Widmer, mosquito country, northern alberta

Hey Ralph, finished the book yesterday and had a great time reading it. Had to finish the last 5 chapters right before going to bed because you were killing me with suspense.  I told Judy that if I had evil scientist/mosquito nightmares I was going to call you at 3am and yell at you. Well done!

John Hughes, California

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